Suddenly I’m hit with a pang of sadness, no not sadness, rather a sense of dread. It’s like it actually hurts to imagine going back into that hell hole, yes, school. As much as I love my close friends, ( which isn’t a lot ) there are some I just wish would just disappear. Yeah, it’s as though some of them are so toxic I can’t stand being in the same space as them. You must be wondering based on what context am I feeling so bitter, well… storytime!

Let’s call her Bethany, at the start of the school year, Bethany seemed so ideal ( at least to me ), she knew what she wanted, she looked like she had her school year planned out. Somehow, Bethany and I got close, we enjoyed each other company, but suddenly as months passed, she became this dramatic person. How? you might ask. Well let me give you an example, one day I skipped school, so she sent me the test dates and all those stuff, she then said ” no one else would do this” implying that I do not have any other close friends, well being a rather “self-proclaimed comical” person I replied ” you just want your damn credits 😫” Ho Ho, she then took 10 minutes to type a long paragraph with poetic connotations claiming how she was hurt I said that. It was because of that asinine incident that I realized Bethany had a terrible habit of being dramatic, she would send messages to me, then delete it, leaving me to ask her what she sent or why she deleted it. There was once where she sat beside me, clearly angry but ignored me, she then proceeded to literally whip out her phone and send me some link, but deleted it a second after, leaving me with a notification. She thought I didn’t see it, but I wished I didn’t. I felt kind of disgusted and revolted at her crave for attention… Soon I wasn’t the only person that looked at her in that light, well I still remain close to her in her eyes, I’m slowly moving away as I really couldn’t bear to witness attention craving acts. Well, this is just a gist of how she is like, as crude as it sounds, I’m really planning to drop her as a friend because she had been doing some backstabbing activities behind my back, as the academic year is short, I really want to be focusing on my studies, yeah.

This blog post is rather long, I know, but I’m sure my teen readers would understand my emotions to a certain extent. And the dreadful change in “lifestyle” when school opens. Wish me luck! If ya’ll have similar experiences or need someone to rant to, I’m here.     P.S Should really go for a run to clear my head.

Song of the day: A Million Dreams

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