So, the school has officially released us for our school holidays, though this one is significantly shorter compared to my previous institute, it is a well-needed one! Ugh but I went back to school for my leadership training (I know… what .?? ) and I received the year-end feedback about my leadership, everything was pleasant until I read this one comment, ” stop running your mouth” I know that its supposed to be an advice, but I can’t help but feel angry and sore about it. It’s probably someone I know, and I’m supposed to shake it off… but it’s kind of bothering me too much, at this point I don’t really know what to do. But the other comments were really nice! Just this one comment… Probably should not get too involved/angry, and take it as it is, can’t help it when one person feels that way, got to be strong and learn to ignore ugh!

On a happier note, 5 more days before I head to Australia! Can’t wait, I even got a disposable camera just for the trip. However, I still feel bitter that I’m leaving my mom here alone for 11 days. Nonetheless, I am going to enjoy the well-deserved trip!

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