Australia and Updates

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OK so it’s been around a month since my last blog post and really a lot has gone down, scratch that, a lot of things have improved. For starters, school isn’t a dread and I guess and I’m on friendly terms with those I have great beef with and things have really settled down. ( As mentioned in my previous blog post ). My finals went pretty well and I got really decent grades! I finished my presentation and my fatass gave a bomb ass one. Finally, I only have a dreadful 5 more days of school… I can really full time invest in this blog ! You know it’s these kinds of emotions that really make life a little more reasonable and not as asinine. These days have been going very well I really hope it continues ( Fingers crossed )

Now, time for an announcement! I’ll be going to Australia from the 25th of November to the 6th of December, more specifically I’ll be going to Melbourne and Sydney! So please leave some comments on where to visit, and I’ll be making a short vlog !! I’m so excited but first, let’s get through school and hope I don’t make any bad choices that will make me regret…

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