My World

As the days draw closer, I’m starting to feel this wave of sadness, you know those feelings where you suddenly feel emotionally unstable and rather depressed like the world is such a dreadful place, well, that’s exactly how I’m feeling. Well, for now at least. It is as though I picture the time where I will have to face the people I do not like, gives me a feeling of uncertainty, I hate not knowing what is going to happen in the future, uncertainty is my biggest fear… What probably keeps me going is the fact that the long draining day would eventually come to an end and I have the comfort and the safety of my room that I can look forward to ( not bragging but I have a pretty decent room that I actually like ).

While it is currently 1am here, the feelings I am experiencing now would hardly let me sleep. I know these sentences jammed together hardly makes any sense but hey, it’s my blog and my tispy- turny life. While most of my friends classmates only use Instagram, those close friends of mine who I used to hang out with would post pictures and videos of their ‘amazing’ time they’re having. So… because of my FOMO ( fear of missing out ) I deactivated my account, yeap, I did. Nonetheless, I still had Twitter, gosh I can’t live without Twitter. I’ve written countless essays, but none of them I actually liked, hopefully, this blog would be my safe space.  🌠 Many of my posts ( you might have realized) are inconsistent and messy, but it’s a way of expressing myself without a filter, my raw thoughts and emotions are displayed clearly to see, it’s a place where I do not need a facade. My own little world.

Ugh, life’s tough but we gotta keep going, many have it worse… I’m going to keep fighting!  If anyone is going through a tough time, no matter how petty the reason/cause of it, talk it out, write it out, do it for yourself, cause in the end it’s your own 2 legs thats going to get up. We can do this.

Song of the day: Wild Hearts – Bleachers

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