Movie Night

No, I’m not talking about those type of movie nights where we stay up till 3am binge-watching classics. Today’s movie night was kind of special, I actually went to the cinema later in the day for a late night movie, it was a nice break from the hectic student life I must say. Yeah… the movie was great the atmosphere was great, everything was, except the fact that I watched it alone. Since it was a late night movie, everyone had a partner, not me though, but I didn’t mind at all. I had my nachos to keep me company. Overall, apart from feeling exceptionally lonely today, it was a good break, though not well deserved nonetheless we all have things we’re guilty of 😉 Anyways since it’s going to be late when I get back, guess I’ll sneak in another movie, the damage has been done. Hope ya’ll had a great day!

Hopefully, tomorrow would be a rather productive day! Guess my life is kind of average, but as stated, I’m just an ordinary boy :0 With a terrible secret.

Song of the day: Disney Love Medley

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