Hospital Trips

Well, I suppose this is a single blog post for 2 days ( my bad ). So I’m sitting in a hospital outpatient clinic waiting for my number while perspiring all over, supposedly my appointment was around 11:30 but I was literally 30 minutes late… while today’s lineup is rather boring, yesterdays events were pretty confusing. Apparently, school isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I hanged out with Rach and Bea all day, Rach is my dearest friends that stood by me with all the drama that happened and Bea is a new friend. However I wouldn’t keep my hopes high, my life is always a series of give and takes, when something good happens, it invariably will be followed by an event that would churn my guts. Guess one can never be too confident with their lives and how it’s going.

While you might think that going to the doctors/hospital is dreadful, I think so otherwise, it has always been my dream to become a surgeon ( I know right?? then what am I doing in an Arts Stream ? Let’s leave that for another post ) the sight of doctors, the sight of their white coat really gives me the motivation to study hard, even harder. While the results I receive are fairly decent, I want to score excellent results, becoming a doctor in my country requires PERFECT scores on the Cambridge examinations, whilst having exemplary co-circular records. It’s tough I guess. UGH, trips to the hospital really makes me dwell on my feelings.


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