Like many other teens, I love IKEA, today I made a trip down to grab a pegboard for myself, but I had to haul ass to get to IKEA. I kind of lied told my friend / not friend ( we’ll talk about it later on )  claiming I was sick so I could finally have some alone time at my favorite place. Known to all, IKEA has this familiar smell, but today it smelt particularly weird… it gave me a headache, it’s that or the sight of grotesque teen couples making out. 😦 jealous much? I guess. However it was awkward nonetheless, a sole ‘adventurer’ you could say but everyone there had a partner… or friend, while I was accompanied with only Ed Sheeran or Bleachers ( not complaining ).  As much as I would love for this to be of some great life inspiration blog post, sorry but it ain’t. I tend to not think much when I say or even type things out, so I guess whatever yall are seeing is probably the truth. In general, today was alright, pray that tomorrow would be better though.

Pegboard, IKEA SKÅDIS 

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