Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Sometimes days go by, the normal daily routine of waking up and rushing to school, all seems so average and plain. Nonetheless, you think nothing of it. Until one day something happens and you lose the normal days, days where you have nothing constantly bugging you at the back  of your head, this problem is of paramount importance that you can’t sleep or eat, yeah all that happened in a matter of few weeks, heck some happened so long ago it became a norm. Then again, everything comes to an end, and all is normal, time heals… or does it? Maybe it doesn’t but it all fades and it becomes one with your “routine” even so, everything comes to an end; friendships relationships everything. Dang really should have paid more attention in literature I guess. Anyways I wrote this while jamming my hearts out to  Happier – Ed Sheeran remember, it all gets better.

* Don’t worry, this blog is about a teen boy going through 17 years of pain and joy, not all posts would be this melodramatic *

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